“Like a stalker, I followed Dr. Desai when she left Dental Salon to start her new practice.

Prior to meeting her, getting me to the dentist was literally like “pulling teeth” – I dreaded every single exam, cleaning and interaction.  But then I met “the Desai”, and now she can’t get rid of me.

Almost 8 years later, I still come in diligently every 6 months for cleanings b/c I love the feeling of freshly polished teeth (and I am vain).

But most importantly, she has a tremendous sense of humor and actually laughs at my jokes, and I will pay good money for that.”

“I am not your average dental patient; I haven’t been to a dentist in 11 years! When Dr. Desai’s office opened next to ours, I decided it was a sign I needed to get in. I was VERY hesitant, but the price was right and I was in. Unfortunately, the doctor found I have Pariodontal Disease (she explained the disease in terms I could understand and in a way that helped me see the severity, as well as the fact that everything would be ok) and wouldn’t be able to get a regular cleaning; I would need a deep cleaning, which involves numbing your mouth. I decided to bite the bullet (despite my intense fear of shots and never having a cavity, i.e. never getting a shot in my mouth)! I went in for my cleaning and was very, VERY nervous! The lovely office aide HELD MY HAND for the shots!!!! I was ASTONISHED! They were so understanding of my anxiety and so gentle with me. The massage chair was a VERY nice touch, as well. They plugged my phone into a charger and let me listen to their headphones, while I got the cleaning. It was pretty uncomfortable for me, but it was mostly in my head. I’ve learned a few things through this experience: Dr. Desai is my new go-to dentist and I will be returning as often as necessary, to keep up with my dental health!!”


“I must say Dr. Kossak is awesome! I went to her for Invisalign a few months ago after seeing a promotion they had posted online. Along with the great promotion I was intrigued by the 15% off city of Chicago discount they offer(since I work for the city). I love that if in any case I may need to see them on short notice they always do an awesome job bringing me in to the office ASAP. Before I made the big move to “Polished a Dental Studio”, I was with a different dentist who was also very nice but I would have to wait MONTHS to make appointments and see her. It was always packed with people and the dentist would usually have me wait even after they would call me in (ANNOYING). Either way I highly recommend Polished a Dental Studio! They are really nice, have a clean environment and always on time. At the end of it all I ended up with a great deal and now super happy with my Invisalign process and my awesome great dentist!”

“Dr. Vinhas knew how to manage a patient better than all of the dentists I have ever had. Intelligent, explains the process very well and provides a great explanation and suggestions for services. Not pushy or awkward. I was pleasantly surprised with the treatment he provided.”

“Dr Desai isn’t just a dentist, she’s a mother and a friend – and brings that attention and love to her practice.”

“I have been so terrified to go to the dentist, and the entire staff made me feel so at ease! I even had my first cavity and felt like a big baby about it and everyone pitched in to be reassuring about it. So efficient, nice, and painless!”


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