Dental/Tooth Crowns & Caps

Dental/Tooth Crowns & Caps

The end goal of cosmetic dentistry is to provide you with a complete restoration that makes your teeth look indistinguishable from a healthy and natural set. Extreme damage to your oral health could push it beyond repair, but we all deserve a second chance to take better care of our teeth. This is an area that Polished can assist you with.

As one of the most reputable and trusted dental offices in Chicago, Polished offers an outstanding level of service and a comprehensive selection of cosmetic dentistry procedures that can help you restore your beautiful smile while also preserving your oral health.

What Are Dental Crowns?

In cases of heavy damage to one’s teeth, porcelain crowns can be used to restore individual teeth and make them look new once again. It’s one of the most reliable and common techniques for restoring a tooth that has suffered severe damage. It’s even capable of completely replacing a missing tooth if needed, offering you a reliable way to restore your full set of teeth and complete your natural smile.

If you’ve had a tooth-related accident or have neglected to take care of your teeth in the past, then dental crowns can be the most effective solution to help you restore your teeth to their natural look.

When Should You Consider Dental Crowns?

  • If you have a missing tooth that you want to restore with a fully-shaped and natural-looking replacement
  • If you have misshapen, chipped or broken teeth that you’d like to restore
  • If you have issues chewing or smiling as a result of a misaligned or damaged tooth
  • If you want to restore several teeth in order to complete your natural smile

There are many benefits to having dental crowns, but if you’re unsure about your circumstances or the services we offer, then we’re more than happy to assist you. Simply contact us and we’d be happy to explain more instances where dental crowns could be used or suggest if it’s the right procedure for your needs.

Why Choose Polished?

Polished is well-known in Chicago for offering a comprehensive and efficient service for dental crown procedures. With our experience and skills, our dental crowns can easily last up to 30 years, offering a near-permanent solution to help you restore your smile. The procedure requires at least two visits to our dental office and regular maintenance check-ups are recommended to help you deal with any discomfort or issues that you might be experiencing.

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Polished has helped many patients restore their natural smile by using dental crowns. Whether it’s to cap a damaged tooth to protect it from further damage, or to replace an entire broken tooth that is too far gone, we have the right procedures, skills and experience to assist you.

We encourage all of our clients to book a consultation with us to learn more about dental crowns and the procedures involved. We also take this time to familiarise ourselves with our clients so that we can be confident that we’re delivering the best solution possible for helping them restore their natural smiles.

For more information about our fillings or dental crowns schedule an appointment with us today!

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