Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Are You Looking For A Brighter Smile? Talk to us about Opalescence™ Boost today!

There is nothing we love more here at Polished than to see our customers with healthy, happy smiles on their faces. We know that our teeth whitening treatments are some of the best around and our customized treatment focus means that we offer more than dentistry: we offer a smile experience! 

One way that we’ve been improving our teeth whitening treatments lately is by paying attention to what’s working on the market. The biggest thing out there right now is Opalescence™ Boost teeth whitening treatments. We believe that you deserve the best, so let’s look at why we’ve chosen to use Opalescence™ for your teeth.

A Brighter, Healthier Smile

Whether you have an occasion coming up or you simply want that confidence boost, Opalescence™ is going to help. This is a teeth whitening treatment that is going to change your life and the best bit is that it’s safe to use! It’s going to make your teeth sparkle, which will make you feel great. 

Among the very many teeth whitening processes that we offer here at Polished, the Opalescence™ system is one that comes highly recommended. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s great for your smile. Your dentist will apply a chemically activated powder whitening gel, and it contains potassium nitrate, fluoride and a 40% hydrogen peroxide gel that remains chemically activated. There’s no hot light required, which means you can get your teeth whitened without the discomfort. Your dentist will use two syringes to restore your discolored teeth back to a natural, bright white. The solution used will help to strengthen your tooth enamel, protect against cavities and reduce the sensitivity in your teeth all at once. 

The gel is a red color, but don’t panic – this is just to ensure that the gel is placed where it should be placed! Opalescence™ has been used to whiten teeth for decades, but if you want a more comprehensive service that includes difficult stain removal, ask us how we can help. We will add Opalescence™ to a customized treatment plan for you today!

The Opalescence™ Way

The whitening process with Opalescence™ takes around three to four appointments for a total treatment time of 60 minutes. We break it into sessions to protect your teeth and ensure that you get the right shade level. If there is a need for extra whitening, we’ll talk you through the next stages. 

Did you know that you can take Opalescence™ home with you? You can only get it through a licensed dental professional, but it’s also available as a kit you can take home. Your dentist will also give you some trays to help your smile to sparkle. The gel is made with a potassium nitrate, fluoride and chemically activated light to get your teeth looking great. You can take it home without waiting around to have it done in an office, making it one of the safest and most convenient teeth whitening processes around.

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