Cleanings & Exams

Cleanings & Exams

Have you been avoiding the dentist? When you make an appointment with Polished – a dental studio, we will clean and examine your smile all in one easy visit. Our expert staff will give your teeth the full treatment. All you have to do is sit back and relax. You will leave our offices with a fresh and polished smile, and you may even feel relieved that you know the current health status of your smile. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for no cavities!

Basic Dental Care

We recommend our patients come in for a dental cleaning twice per year. Your dentist will begin by gently scraping away any tartar that has built up on the surface of your teeth. Next, your teeth will be flossed, followed by polishing and fluoride treatment!

What Happens During An Exam?

Your dentist will look for any signs of tooth decay, gingivitis, and other dental problems. We will discuss the health of your teeth and gums and advise you how to maintain excellent oral health. The dentist may also take X-rays of your teeth. X-rays only take a few minutes and allow the dentist to thoroughly examine the surfaces of your teeth that cannot be seen clinically.

Have you been POLISHED lately?

When you need a routine dental exam, Polished – a dental studio has the services and treatments for you. Although many don’t look forward to going to the dentist, our experienced and friendly staff will do their best to make your experience as pleasant as possible. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our patients. We strive to have a peaceful office atmosphere.