Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns

Unlike traditional dental lab fabricated crowns, our CEREC® crowns can be made in just one visit and are made in our dental lab on premise instead of being sent offsite, which eliminates the need for a second visit. Let our staff know and we can reserve the time and technology just for you.

No More Icky Impression Materials

CEREC® technology uses a special 3D camera that scans your teeth so that our CEREC® trained staff can fabricate a well-made crown or bridge just for you. There is no need for sticky impression material or hard uncomfortable impression trays.

No Need For Temporary Crowns

Since your CEREC® crown is designed and created within a single dental visit, you no longer need to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown.

The Aesthetics

Your new CEREC® crown is made with tooth-colored and metal-free material that is high-strength and highly aesthetically pleasing.  You don’t have to worry about unsightly black lines from metal that many traditional crowns have.  You can smile confidently knowing that your crown or bridge matches your smile.

The Process  (Making a Crown in One Day)

We will first examine and prepare the tooth or teeth for digital imaging.  Then, a digital “impression” is taken with a special camera that sends a digital image to our CAD/CAM software (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing).  Our CEREC® trained staff takes the digital image and digitally designs and sculpts your new crown. Your new crown is then polished, adjusted and lastly permanently placed on your prepared tooth.