Straighten Your Teeth with Braces

If you have crooked teeth, large spaces, or a misaligned bite, braces are often used to correct these irregularities of the teeth. Braces are not only a cosmetic treatment, but they also result in a healthier mouth. Braces typically consist of metal brackets that are attached to each tooth. These brackets are connected with a flexible wire. The braces provide a steady force to your teeth. They will be adjusted regularly so that in time, your teeth will shift into the correct alignment

Your First Braces Visit

Records are essential to properly developing a treatment plan and estimating the length of a patient’s treatment. Your dentist will conduct a clinical exam and take Impressions, photos, and X-Rays to determine a treatment plan. Your dentist will also discuss with you the best options for you and your specific needs; for example, if there is a potential for surgery to correct a severe over/under bite, or if you may need braces in combination with wires, retainers, bands, elastics, coils, expanders, and other auxiliary orthodontic devices.

How Do I Get Started?

If you have any questions about braces or are interested in finding out if braces are right for you, please contact our office today for a free consultation! Insurance is accepted and flexible payment plans are also available.

More information on getting started with braces: