Composite Veneers Cost in Chicago

Composite Veneers Cost in Chicago

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If you aren’t exactly smiling about how your smile looks, then it could be that dental veneers are the perfect solution for you. They are a fantastic form of cosmetic dentistry that can help hide any flaws in your teeth, so you can smile with more confidence than ever before. 

If that really does sound like something to smile about, then you are going to want to read on to find out a little more about composite veneers before you make a decision about what to do with your pearly whites.

What are composite veneers?

Let’s start at the beginning and get into what composite veneers actually are, so you can understand what you will potentially be buying to brighten up your smile. Composite veneers, also hailed as ‘instant orthodontics,’ are basically just thin shells that can be added to the front of your teeth to instantly brighten them and guide any flaws such as broken, missing or discolored teeth.

Composite Veneers vs. Porcelain Veneers: Which is best?

Ah, the age-old debate! While porcelain veneers are the pristine Prada of the dental world, composite veneers are like that comfortable Zara outfit – equally stylish but much kinder on the wallet if we are being honest.

There are several factors that impact the cost of veneers. In general, porcelain veneers can be more expensive and composite veneers can be more affordable. While porcelain has a reputation for its longevity and natural appearance, composite veneers are gaining traction for their affordability and ease of repair, and you know what? They can look just as good too.

How much do composite veneers cost in Chicago?

It is hard to say exactly how much you will need to pay for composite veneers in Chicago because there are a number of factors that will affect the price for you, but the average is pretty similar to the average elsewhere in the USA – $250 to $1,500 per tooth.

That being said, you may pay more or less depending on the following factors:

Factors affecting the cost of composite veneers in Chicago:

1. Expertise of the dental professional

The proficiency and tenure of the dentist play a pivotal role in the pricing of composite veneers in Chicago. Naturally, a seasoned dentist with decades of experience might charge more than a novice in the field. However, aligning yourself with a highly experienced professional could be the difference between a satisfactory smile and an outstanding one.

2. Innovative procedures and equipment

Modern dental clinics are equipped with an assortment of tools and techniques for crafting porcelain veneers. Some professionals prefer traditional methods like putty or wax molds, collaborating with external dental labs that manually craft each veneer. On the flip side, many are transitioning to digital methods, shaping veneers on-site using advanced CAD/CAM systems. While outsourcing to specialized labs might up the price, it often ensures a more impeccable integration.

3. Veneer quality

The total cost will inevitably fluctuate based on the number of veneers you need. Naturally, a full set will have a heftier price tag compared to just enhancing one or two teeth, as each veneer has its own associated cost.

4. Material choices

Today, dental professionals have a palette of materials at their disposal for designing porcelain veneers, from liquid porcelain and dense ceramic to avant-garde ultra-slim ceramics. As with most things, cutting-edge materials often carry a higher price point due to the sophistication of the application technique and the quality of the material, which is why composite materials are often a cheaper option that still look good and last a long time. During your initial chat, your dentist will shed light on these variations, helping you gauge the merits and demerits of each option, so don’t worry about making a decision now.

5. The nature of your dental dilemma

Individuals with significant cosmetic issues might need a more comprehensive strategy, sometimes coupled with additional procedures. As the intricacy of the dental situation escalates, so does the cost.

Medicare and Veneers

A lot of people wonder if they can use Medicare to cover some of the cost of having composite dental veneers fitted in Chicago. Unfortunately, since veneers are considered to be an aspect of cosmetic dentistry, rather than something medically necessary, no matter how differently you might feel, it is highly unlikely you will be able to use Medicare to pay for your veneers.

Tips to cut the cost of dental veneers in Chicago

Don’t worry though because there are lots of things you can do to cut the costs of dental veneers in Chicago, including:

Shop around: It’s a simple point, but shopping around to find the most affordable dentist to fit your veneers in Chicago is a good idea if you want to cut the costs. Just make sure that you don’t choose the cheapest dentist even if they have a poor reputation as bad dental work will cost you a lot more in the long-term.

Insurance and dental plans: While many insurance plans classify veneers as a cosmetic procedure and don’t cover them, some dental discount plans might offer a reduced rate. It’s worth exploring and discussing with your insurer or plan provider.

Payment plans: Some dental practices (like us) offer monthly payment or financing options. This allows you to break down the cost into more manageable chunks, easing immediate financial strain.


At the end of the day, your smile is your signature. It’s the universal language of joy, warmth, and confidence. So whether it’s composite, porcelain, or just good ol’ toothpaste, be sure invest in it.