Factors That Impact the Cost of Tooth Extractions

Factors That Impact the Cost of Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction isn’t generally something you think about unless you have some immediate pain and or discomfort due to a problem tooth. If you visit your dentist, they will inform you what type of extraction you need, if any. Tooth extraction refers to the process of having your tooth pulled either ‘simply or ‘surgically.’ The two procedures have different criteria and processes that can affect the cost. 

Simple Vs. Surgical Extractions 

There are two types of tooth extraction, ‘simple’ and ‘surgical.’ The types of tooth extraction you need will depend on factors such as the tooth’s visibility, the impaction of the tooth, and the hidden tooth root structure. After your dentist examines you, they will determine the type of extraction needed along with the associated cost.

Simple tooth extraction is a routine procedure that can be carried out under local anesthetic. It is a general procedure offered by most dentists for a relatively low cost. A surgical extraction is slightly different. It’s a more invasive procedure and may require an oral surgeon, which will naturally affect the cost. 

Why Have Your Tooth Pulled 

Most people will avoid having a tooth pulled for several reasons. It’s painful there’s a cost involved, and it’s an unpleasant experience with a recovery period. In some cases, however, the procedure is unavoidable. The tooth has become too painful, or the gums are infected. 

One primary reason for pulling a tooth is due to large cavities. Large cavities are areas of the tooth, which are extensive decay, exposing the nerves and causing general pain and discomfort. Wisdom teeth are another culprit. These are molars that grow incorrectly, causing crowding in the mouth. Although uncomfortable, having a problem tooth pulled can enhance your quality of life. 

What Does Tooth Extraction Cost? 

On general, tooth extractions cost between $140-$450 depending on whether it’s a simple or surgical extraction. The cost of the procedure will vary depending on the extent of the condition.

In the case of a simple tooth extraction, in which the tooth has grown above the gum line, and there are no other complications, you might expect to pay a minimum. This could rise if there is a hidden root or other difficulties. 

For surgical tooth extraction, you will likely have to be a bit more. This is standard for a procedure that is complicated by partially erupted or impacted teeth.

What to Expect From the Procedure 

Before the procedure, your dentist will perform an external exam. They will want to check for infections, cysts, and the sensitivity of your inferior alveolar nerve, which gives you feeling in the bottom half of your mouth, the jaw bone, lower lip, teeth, and chin. Based on this examination, you may be prescribed antibiotics before the procedure. 

The procedure is slightly different between the simple and surgical procedures. They are different in the quantity and application of anesthetic, for instance. In both cases, however, anesthetic is administered, and the treatment area should be numb. The only sensation should be the pressure of the dentist’s work. The different process in the procedure is what affects the overall cost.