Endodontists vs. Dentists

Endodontists vs. Dentists

You may have heard of endodontists and dentistry, but you may not know what differentiates the two and where they overlap. First, let’s just clear one thing up: they’re both dental care professionals, whose job it is to help keep the teeth of the public clean and healthy. But there are some important distinctions between the two. Effectively, dentistry concerns itself with the general overall health and appearance of teeth. An endodontist concerns itself with diagnosing problems related to the dental pulp and performing root canals. You could think of an endodontist as a root canal dentist. 

About General Dentistry

Dentistry is kind of the front line for dental health. A dentist is there to diagnose and treat issues at the first stage. If you’ve got a problem with your teeth, or just want to receive a general check-up, then it’ll be a dentist that you work with. In many cases, a dentist can offer advice on the best course of actions and also carry out the treatment, but that won’t always be the case. Sometimes they’ll need to work with other dental professionals, such as endodontists, to provide treatment. If you’ve ever been the dentist, sat in the chair, and had your teeth checked by a professional, then it will have been a general dentist.

What Endodontists Do

An endodontist is a dentist, but just one that dove into a more specialized field. All dentists have at least four years of formal education; an endodontist does these four years and then completes an additional two or three years on top. They focus on the dental pulp and the nerves of the teeth. In general, the work of an endodontist consists of three different treatments and therapies: they’ll perform root canal therapy, root canal re-treatment, and endodontic surgery. Basically, they’re the go-to option when someone has a root canal issue. It’s not just treatment that they provide, either: they’re also integral components of diagnosing root canal problems too. 

Why You Should See an Endodontist

There are some issues where it’s more than fine to seek help from a regular dentist, but there will be times when the help of an endodontist is recommended. If you have deep tooth pain that a normal dentist can’t diagnose, then it’s important that you go to the professional who has specific training in this field. An endodontist has received additional training to help with these kinds of issues and also has access to specialist equipment that can improve treatment success and comfort. 

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