I’m Afraid of the Dentist and Needles

It’s normal to feel nervous about and dentists and needles. We try our best to make our patients feel as comfortable and calm as possible. Our dentists have a few techniques that will make sure it’s less painful and less threatening. The dentist will talk you through the whole process before starting any procedure. Also, we have headphones in our rooms so that you can listen to music if you don’t like the sounds of drills or tools grinding against your teeth. There is also a massage chair in one of the rooms. It can’t get anymore relaxed than that!

Bank of America Chicago Marathon

Our very own, Robellyn, will be running in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon this year.  Not only is she doing this for fun and for her health, she is doing this for charity!  She is trying to raise $1200 for St. Jude Heroes and she’s half way there!  Donations will go a long way in the fight against childhood cancer and other deadly diseases. Not only does St. Jude treat the world’s sickest children with the best care, but thanks to committed supporters like Robellyn, no family ever receives a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance can be tricky sometimes.  At Polished-a dental studio, we do our best to understand your insurance plan so that we can provide some sort of clarity when discussing the financing of your treatment.  There are several things to always keep in mind:  Your annual maximum, your deductible, if your plan is in or out of network (luckily, our office is in-network with almost all PPO plans), the percentage that your insurance company will pay on a procedure, what percentage you are left to pay, and any written restrictions/clauses.  Always give your insurance company 30-90 days to process an insurance claim.  Keep in mind, they receive hundreds of claims a day!  Fun stuff.  Good thing Polished – a dental studio  is happy to help out!

Living Social, Invisalign

We’re currently running an Invisalign with Laser whitening special on Living Social for only $2899.  It truly is a great deal as a combo of this treatment can cost over $5000+!  Polished is a Premier Preferred Provider of Invisalign.  If you decide to undergo Invisalign treatment, patient compliance is a huge factor in the success of the treatment.  One must commit to wearing the aligners for a minimum of 22 hours a day!  That means, one can only take them off to eat and drink.  We offer free consultations so that patients can learn more about Invisalign and also to see if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

Polished – a dental studio started a blog :)

Every week will will be discussing procedures, insurance issues, interesting dental facts, what’s going on in the neighborhood, etc.  Follow our blog for information about your dental treatment or all those unknowns about insurance, and other news.  We hope you find our blog interesting and fun!